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What type of mask is Makmask?

Makmask is a certified and reusable hygienic face mask made of two layers of fabric which have special antiviral, antibacterial, and waterproof treatments that provide an optimal level of protection against viruses, pathogens or drops of cough. The mask does not need any additional filters and it can be washed 30 times maintaining the quality of its properties like new. It has passed in-depth tests from prestigious international laboratories and it has obtained the necessary official certificates that guarantee its efficiency and level of protection.  

How will Makmask protect me?

Makmask uses a combination of waterproof polyester on the outside layer, which protects you from drops of cough, sneeze, and similar particles, and an inner cotton layer with antiviral and antibacterial treatments that inhibit the growth of viruses, germs, and bacteria. The mask creates insulation between you and pathogens in the air. 

Your safety and protection have been taken to the highest level. The combination of the renowned Polygiene ViralOff®  treatment- which has been thoroughly tested and has proven to reduce by 99% different viruses, within 2 hours -, together with our antibacterial treatment, makes Makmask an unbeatable barrier against virus and bacteria. 

How can I trust that the masks will protect me?

Makmask has been tested by the International Laboratory INTERTEK and has obtained the necessary CERTIFICATES that guarantee that they comply with the strictest quality and safety standards. 

European Union's Certificate of conformity (CWA17553:2021) guarantees that the quality and properties of the materials used in our masks are according to the regulations in the EU.

The Anti-viral Polygiene ViralOff® treatment has been tested against Corona (SARS), Influenza A, BirdFlu and Norovirus achieving 99% levels of reduction of these viruses within 2 hours. The treatment´s efficacy has been certified according to ISO 18184:2019 standard test for the determination of the antiviral activity of textile products in a two-hour timespan, where in order to pass it must reduce the virus by 99%. The product is certified by Oeko-tex® Eco Passports and is in the process of being certified by bluesign®.

The Anti-bacterial test guarantees that the treatment applied to the inner layer of cotton has a 99,9% of effectiveness in reducing bacteria. The tissue has been tested on Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae. The effectiveness of the treatment resists 30 washings. The test GZHT02274387 has been performed and certified by the International Laboratory INTERTEK.

The Water-repellent test endorses the resistance of the Poly Fabric with Water Repellent treatment used for the outer layer of our mask, and it shows that it has obtained a 95% score in the ranking. This technology prevents the transfer of liquid suspended particles. Makmask has passed the test GZHT02276003 conducted by the prestigious International Laboratory INTERTEK. 

The Breathability test ensures that the resistance to inhalation and exhalation, the retained humidity, and the generated skin temperature are according to the standardized requirements. The test GB 2626 GZHT02276507-S1 has been certified by the International Laboratory INTERTEK. 

The Protective respiratory equipment test is the certification that guarantees air permeability and validates the quality of the piece. The GZHT02281942 test has been certified by the worldwide known International Laboratory INTERTEK.


What are the benefits of ViralOff® treatment?

This treatment has proven to reduce 99% of viruses in the treated material in 2 hours, and it has been specifically tested against the Corona (SARS), as well as Influenza A, Bird Flu, and Norovirus. 

The main risk of transmission of the virus is via liquid droplets, suspended particles, and aerosols. When we use face masks we set a barrier between the viruses and us, or the ones that we want to protect. However, the viruses can still be deposited on the outside of the mask, which could lead to potential contagion if we are not careful and we touch it by accident. The ViralOff® treatment solves this issue as its technology will reduce by 99% the viruses that may be placed on the surface of the mask. 


How long does the ViralOff® treatment last?

It is a durable and always-on treatment. For best performance and sustainability, wash the mask less and only when needed.  


How does ViralOff® treatment work?

The active ingredient is a biocide and it is made of a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride which reduces a 99% or more of viruses within two hours. The product interacts with key proteins, inhibiting the infeccion of cells by the virus. It is applied to the fabric at the finishing stage of production. As several treatments can be simultaneously applied, no additional water or energy is needed and the impact on the environment is reduced. 


What is the advantage of Makmask over the popular surgical masks?

Surgical masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (from inside to outside). A surgical mask does not protect against “airborne” infectious agents so it will not prevent the wearer from being potentially contaminated by a virus. In addition, most single-use masks are made of polypropylene, a derivative of petroleum, and after their use, they are disposed of in the garbage. The direct impact of their massive use by the population would be devastating for the environment

Makmask has an outer waterproof layer which will protect you and others against droplets from cough, sneezing and suspended particles. The mask also has an inner antiviral and antibacterial layer that protects you against viruses, air pathogens, bacteria, germs, pollen, dust, smoke, chemicals and fluids. As they are reusable, Makmask is also eco-friendly and will help to reduce waste on our planet. 

Will Makmask irritate my skin?

The inner layer of Makmask is made of 100% soft cotton with antiviral and antibacterial treatments which do not  affect the skin as it doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora. This layer is designed to minimize the friction of the mask with the skin, thus helping to avoid irritation. The European Union´s certificate of conformity ensures that our masks have passed tests proving that they do not irritate the skin. 

Using good quality masks and cleaning them properly after each use, together with a good skin care will, help you to avoid irritation and pimples. 

What reusable/washable really means?

It means that Makmask can be washed and used again keeping the same quality and features as if new. The special antiviral and antibacterial treatments applied to the fabric keep masks off viruses and pathogens so you will not need to wash them after each use, thus making the lifespan of our masks even longer. Unless the masks get stained or dirty, it should be enough to wash them once a week. The characteristics that make Makmask so special will last at least 30 washings, so you will stay protected and will also contribute to protect our environment, saving time and money. 

How long can I use the mask? 

Given the fact that the antiviral treatment is constantly active and our masks offer an optimal level of breathability, there is no limitation about the time you can use the masks. 

How many times can I use it?

Both the antiviral and antibacterial treatments are guaranteed for 30 washes. Nonetheless, due to the effectiveness of the treatments against viruses and bacteria, there is no need to wash the masks after a few hours of use. 

However, and even after washing the masks more than 30 times, Makmask can still be used for years as the barrier function of its waterproof outside layer will continue to be effective against pollution and bad odours.

Can I wear it while practicing sports?

In principle, masks are not required if measures of social distancing are kept, unless local laws state otherwise. According to a study conducted by Benjamin Cowling, professor of epidemiology at the University of Hong Kong, the risk of contagion by practicing sport “is very low” providing that correct measures are followed. Makmask is very light and has been tested to ensure breathability and maximum comfort so that you can easily use it when practicing sports.

Can I wear glasses with it?

Makmask has a built-in nose adjustment that improves isolation and comfort even when wearing glasses and helps prevent misting caused by breathing.  

My face is bigger/smaller than the average shape. Will it still fit me?

Makmask has been thoroughly designed to fit all kinds of face shapes, and it also has a nose clip to help adjust the mask. You can find Makmask in different sizes and the fact that they are made of fabric gives you a plus in flexibility and adaptation to your movements.  

I have a big beard and moustache. Can I still use makmask?

It has been proven that a full beard itself is not a place where the virus can survive and multiply. However, it is important that the mask fits well against the face to avoid having gaps where airborne coronavirus can seep through.  

How should I take care of the mask?

Even though you don't have to wash Makmask after each use, it is advisable to use warm water and hand or neutral soap when the mask needs to be cleaned. For a deep cleaning you can wash it at 60º Celsius. Aggressive detergents could however deteriorate the chemical treatments of the mask.

Can the masks be recycled?

Whenever you don’t wish to use your mask anymore, Makmask can be disposed of in a container for the recycling of textile articles.

Can I hug someone wearing a mask? 

Hugging has benefits for our health. Those reporting touch deprivation scored higher on scales measuring anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep issues and post-traumatic stress. Nonetheless, given the exceptionality of the pandemic situation, doctors stress the importance of limiting contact with non-household members to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and most governments continue to advise people to maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from others.

Experts emphasize hugging isn’t risk free and shouldn’t be routine. It should also be avoided by those in high risk groups or showing any symptoms of illness. One way to lower the risk is avoiding face-to-face contact using face coverings, pointing faces in opposite directions, and not touching the other person’s face or clothing with your face. Of course, washing hands before and after hugging is a must.

I want to learn more about being a wholesaler. Where should I go?

If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler and being part of the Makmask family, please contact us in our B2B section.

Can I have my company logo / brand on the masks?

Yes! If you want to have your masks customised and add your logo or patterns, please contact us in our B2B section.

Do you have a white label option?

If you are interested in adding masks to your collection and having your own designs, we can bring your ideas to life! Please contact us in our B2B section. 

In which country are the masks manufactured? Are the factories certified?

Our masks are manufactured in Vietnam, following strict production regulations and quality standards, as all the manufacturers that we work with hold top-ranked certificates such as Wrap Gold and ISO9001. These certificates guarantee that the management system, manufacturing process, service or procedures meet all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.