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Superhero Girl Mask
Superhero Girl Mask
Superhero Girl Mask
Superhero Girl Mask

Superhero Girl Mask

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MAKMASK is a certified hygienic reusable mask with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Reduction of bacteria and viruses by 99%, within 2 hours. 

– Antibacterial and antiviral Viraloff treatment to inhibit pathogens.
– Reusable up to 30 washings.
– Not necessary to wash daily, as it is “self-sterilizing”.
– Nasal fit for a tighter adjustment it avoids foggy glasses.
– Ears adjuster makes it easier to adjust the mask to all face shapes.
– 100% polyester outer layer with liquid particles repellent treatment.
– 100% soft cotton inner layer for minimum friction and zero irritations.
– Respectful with skin’s bacterial flora.
– Maximum comfort and breathability.
– Protect yourself and others while being responsible with the environment.
– Adjustable to everyone, as it comes in five sizes, including two for kids.

This product is not for medical use.