Why is Makmask so different?

Makmask is not an ordinary mask.

The comfort, softness, breathability, and perfect fit of our sleek and unique designs, combined with certified antiviral and antibacterial treatments, turn it into a long-lasting hygienic mask perfect for everyone


Effectiveness and protection guaranteed by international certificates - Europe CWA 17553, UNE0065, UNE-EN 14683:2019 - and tests run by the prestigious laboratory Intertek.

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Water Repellent

The transmission of liquid suspended particles is prevented by the special water repellent treatment of the outer fabric, exhaustively tested by Intertek.

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Avoid single-use masks, and wear a reusable long-lasting Makmask. Also, our packaging is made of recycled plastic from the oceans. Sustainability at the highest level.

Antiviral & Antibacterial

The ViralOff treatment applied to our masks reduces viruses by 99% within 2 hours, and the efficiency of the antibacterial treatment guarantees a reduction of bacteria of 99.9%.

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Our masks maintain their properties for up to 30 washes, and it is not necessary to wash after each use, as the antiviral and antibacterial treatments are continuously active and reducing pathogens.

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The nasal fit provides a tighter seal to maximize protection and avoid fogging glasses, and it makes it easier to adjust the mask to all face shapes.

Why Makmask?

Makmask is the hygienic reusable fabric mask certified by the international laboratory Intertek as giving protection against droplets from cough, sneezing and suspended particles.

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Why Makmask?

Makmask has been carefully designed and thoroughly thought-out. We have devoted all our efforts, expertise, and passion to create this certified, safe, and reusable mask which offers a stylish, environmentally friendly, and protective solution to the new worldwide reality.

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